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Get upto 4%* on our Savings Account Balances with Century Trust Bank.

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Dear Customer, We have launched Video KYC facility for New customer to open savings ac

Get More From Your Money

Access your money anytime and anywhere.

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Fixed Deposit Account

Manage your finances and carry out transactions around-the-clock from your banking app or internet banking by using a business bank account.

With our Fixed Deposit Account, you may access safe electronic transfers, make pre-paid purchases and payments, and use specialized business lending options to increase the cash flow of your company.

Reach Your
Savings Goal With Us

Year of


Annual Statement

Our ntegrated 2022 annual financial report in its whole.

Our Savings Account Benefits

We help businesses and customers achieve more.

  • countless card swipes

    Customers may choose to tap, swipe, insert, or scan their preferred mode of payment.

  • Free SMS Alerts

    Free, unlimited SMS alerts to stay informed about the activity in your bank accounts. .

  • Unlimited balance inquiries

    Take advantage of the convenience of balance inquiries from your phone anytime, anyplace. .

  • International Debit Cards

    Depending on your account, Visa debit cards are available in GBP, US$, EUR, or AU$.

  • Safe & Secure

    The statements are are viewable through the app or Internet Banking.

  • Paperless Banking

    Business will frequently occur that pleasure have to be repudiated.

Eligibility to
Open Savings Account

Eligibility parameters for saving account.

  • 1


    Citizens, and Non-Resident individuals

  • 2

    A co-owner if you’re not yet 18

    If one is not upto 18 Years old, an adult can assist

  • 3


    Residents, and Non-Resident individuals

  • 4


    Individuals / Companies



Fixed Deposit Account opened
in last year

Fixed Deposit Account Required Documents

Basic documents required for opening a Fixed Deposit Account.

Government issued ID is Mandatory

Duly Filled
Application Form

Color & Passport Size

Proof of

Account Interest & Charges

Your money is making money for you & Your Family.

Account Interest Rates
Per Annum

Balance in a/c

  • Up to USD750
  • Above USD1,500
  • Above USD2,200
  • Above USD3,800


  • 3.00%
  • 5.00%
  • 8.25%
  • 10.00%

Debit Card

  • Annual Fees
  • Transaction Limit
  • Card Replacement
  • Nill
  • USD200,000.00 / Annum
  • USD480,000+Taxes

Credit Card

  • Annual Fees
  • Card Replacement
  • USD1500
  • USD + Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries about our service.

  • What should I do if my debit order is disputed?

    If the debit order was issued within the last 40 days, you can dispute it using our app or Internet Banking. You must submit a mandate form in order to contest a debit order that occurred more than 40 days ago.

  • Where can I get details about my award levels, points, special discounts, etc.?

    As of August 8, 2015, you can access your individual Online Banking profile. Keep in mind that awards are given out around the eighth day of every month, depending on your banking activities in the preceding calendar month.

    A monthly benefit statement that lists the benefits and prizes you have received during the previous month will also be sent to you.

  • What if I forget my PIN?

    Although your PIN never expires, you can update it whenever you want on any digital banking device. You should frequently change your PIN, as advised. Call our bank to get a new temporary PIN if you can't remember your current one.

  • My phone is not a cell phone. Will I be able to conduct my banking as usual?

    Yes. SMS authentication is only required for certain Telephone Banking transactions. A reference number will be required if you want to make once-off payments or when adding beneficiaries to your profile. In the case of SMS functionality being unavailable, additional authentication methods will be used by the Telephone Banking agents, but this is only in exceptional instances.

  • How safe/secure is our internet banking?

    Our Internet Bankin is very convinient, user friendly, quite safe and secure to use.

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